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01 January 2007

O nosso primeiro EP era limitado a 200 copias e esgotaram. Agora podem fazer download gratuito do EP e para isso basta estarem registados no site.

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01 January 2012
posted by olivier12fr2000
great music, nothing else but talent, spirit and beauty.
04 January 2012
posted by Nunez
Your words mean a lot to us.
Cheers and all the best
09 April 2012
posted by Otherapie
Allstar Project made my day yesterday at the Dunk! Festival. Was a big fan of the second album already. Then I bought the first album ~2 hours before the show (I bought both actually). I listened to "Your reward..." in the car, and .... looooooved it too!

Then went back to see them live... wonderful... You guys are fantastic. Keep on going! And don't be too protective wrt free downloads... they are what makes you known, they are your future. Without that I would never have discovered you guys! Just too bad I didn't have a chance to shake your hands after the show in the merch. section... Next time for sure...
10 April 2012
posted by Nunez
Hi Otherapie,
Glad you enjoyed the show, it was great to be there.
Next time be sure to come and shake hands and talk a bit.

Looking forward to it.
Cheers mate and all the best
08 October 2013
posted by prohairetic
heard your Ivory Tower number on a compilation - finally found your site! Do you sell your music online in digital format anywhere?
13 October 2015
posted by Nsf666
To this day, still one of my favs EPs :)

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